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MAGIC ITEM: Thunderstrike

Dravena looked her opponent in the eyes. The fighter had agreed to duel her, but only if he, and Dravena, could use their respective magic weapons. If he won, he'd get her prized magic greataxe, Thunderstrike. If she won, she'd receive the fighter's flaming longsword. Dravena didn't intend to lose. As the axe blade came to life, electric currents danced along its mirrored finish. The fighter recoiled away from Dravena as her laughter boomed across the cavern in which they were about to battle, her features lit from below by the magical electricity surging through her powerful weapon.

Quick Aside

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Wondrous item, Rare (requires attunement)

The axe head of Thunderstrike is a true marvel to behold. Made of highly polished metal that glistens like glass, it boasts an otherworldly appearance. The metal is incredibly dense, giving the axe head a weight that matches its imposing size. Despite its weight, the metal has been expertly balanced, allowing for swift and precise strikes.

One side of the axe head features a half-moon blade that gleams with a razor-sharp edge. This formidable blade is capable of cleaving through armor and flesh with ease, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. On the opposite side, a large arrowhead-shaped spade/blade dominates, designed to puncture and rend opponents with merciless force.

To protect the wielder from the electrifying power that courses through Thunderstrike, a layer of supple leather wrapping encases the handle. The leather acts as both a barrier against the potent electrical energies and as a secure grip, ensuring the wielder's control over the weapon even in the heat of battle.

As Thunderstrike connects with its targets, a surge of crackling lightning erupts from the blade. This enchantment grants the wielder the ability to deal an additional 2d6 lightning damage with their attacks, augmenting the already devastating strikes of the greataxe. The lightning dances and arcs along the edge of the blade, infusing each strike with the electrifying fury of a thunderstorm.

Furthermore, Thunderstrike possesses the ability to harness the forces of nature. The wielder can invoke the power of call lightning three times per day.

Well, I hope you find a use for Thunderstrike in your campaign or adventure! She's a worthy axe, and belongs to an interesting NPC we've created, so make sure to check our blog to find out who! However, Thunderstrike can obviously be used any way you want - let us know in the comments how you use it! - Joe

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1 Comment

Rick Smathers
Rick Smathers
Jul 28, 2023

So, I'm always curious as I've seen a lot of variation from DM to DM. What would you consider an appropriate level range for this weapon to be?

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