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MAGIC ITEM: Stormguard Gauntlets

Dravena clenched her magical greataxe, known as Thunderstrike, in her massive hands. Thankfully, she owned a pair of magical gauntlets which now protected her from the magical lightning coursing around Thunderstrike's axe. Screaming at the top of her lungs, she launched herself off the cliff face, lightning gathering around her as she careened toward the hobgoblin warband below. The Stormguard Gauntlets strained against her taut muscles as lightning erupted from the blade, incinerating several of her surprised enemies and leaving her unscathed.

Quick Aside

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Wondrous item, Rare (requires attunement)

The Stormguard Gauntlets are a pair of formidable magical gauntlets constructed with plated armor. They appear aged and weathered, bearing the marks of countless battles and the patina of time. The dark metal plates that form the gauntlets are intricately engraved with ancient runes that shimmer faintly with an electric blue glow.

At first glance, the gauntlets resemble a relic from a long-lost suit of armor, with each finger encased in sturdy metal protection. The plates curve gracefully, following the natural contours of the hand and wrist, while allowing for a full range of movement.

When the Stormguard Gauntlets activate their lightning protection abilities, they come to life with a breathtaking display. Electric currents surge through the engraved runes, causing them to glow with a vibrant, pulsating blue light. The light radiates from the runes, casting a mesmerizing glow that dances along the edges of the plated armor.

When the wearer is attuned to the Stormguard Gauntlets, they provide resistance to all lightning-related attacks or damage. Additionally, the gauntlets increase the wearer's strength by 1.

Hopefully you find a use for these magical gauntlets in your own game! Make sure to keep an eye on the blog, as we have an NPC in mind who these gauntlets belong to. However, they are obviously free to be used any way you want them to be! Let us know how you plan to use them in the comments below! Thanks always, for reading! - Joe

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