About Us

We at Headless Hydra Press believe that of all the reasons to love tabletop roleplaying games, the best is the time spent with family and friends. Slogging through a dangerous dungeon, defeating an insidious demon, and discovering a powerful new magic item are experiences made more fun by sharing them with others. Our goal is to create characters who will surprise you, worlds that feel unfamiliar and exciting, and adventures that you and your companions will talk about for years.

Our Values

  • Diverse characters for a diverse audience

  • Beautiful artwork

  • Well written, edited, and formatted products

  • Worlds we’re excited to explore

Who We Are

Far away, in the magical land of Stonecoast, four apprentice wordsmiths met and discovered a shared interest in writing, games, and shenanigans. Together, they set off on an epic quest to create new worlds, help other parties have memorable adventures, and maybe make a little gold while they’re at it too.

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