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Interesting NPC - Dravena Stormfury

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

"Ms. Orc Queen" by Bayard Wu (Artwork only used as an approximation of the NPC's appearance)

Dravena Stormfury was born in a small orcish village nestled in the rugged mountains. Raised by her mother, a human warrior, and her orcish father, Dravena grew up learning the ways of combat from both cultures. As a child, she displayed an unparalleled strength and a fiery spirit, traits that would shape her future as a formidable warrior.

When Dravena reached adolescence, a violent thunderstorm swept through her village, accompanied by a bolt of lightning that struck the village's sacred shrine. Believing it to be a sign, the village elders recognized Dravena's innate connection to thunder and named her Stormfury.

Driven by a wanderlust that burned deep within her, Dravena embarked on a solitary journey through the mountains. Guided by the storm's energy and the teachings of her parents, she sought to master her abilities and test her mettle against the most powerful warriors she could find.

As Dravena traveled, she encountered various tribes, mercenaries, and martial arts masters, engaging in intense battles and learning new techniques with each encounter. Through her relentless pursuit of physical perfection, she channeled the fury of the storm and forged her own unique fighting style.

Over time, tales of Dravena's indomitable spirit, lightning-quick strikes, and booming voice in battle began to spread across the land. Warriors from far and wide sought to challenge her, and she rarely turned down a duel.

Quick Aside

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Appearance: Dravena Stormfury is an imposing figure, standing at an impressive height of over 7 feet. Her well-muscled physique and athletic build exude raw power and untamed energy. The bloodline of her orcish heritage is evident in her prominent tusks and strong jawline, while her fiery red hair, reminiscent of a blazing inferno, falls in wild waves around her face.

Her piercing eyes, a striking shade of electric blue, hold an intensity that mirrors the crackling power of a thunderstorm. They are filled with a fierce determination and unwavering focus, reflecting a fiery spirit that refuses to be contained.

Dravena's skin bears the unmistakable greenish-gray hue common among half-orcs, with scars crisscrossing her muscular arms and torso—remnants of countless battles and trials. Her body is adorned with tribal tattoos, symbols of her orcish heritage and the powerful storms that have shaped her path.

She dons rugged leather clothing, perfectly tailored to her form, but no armor, allowing for freedom of movement. Strapped across her back rests her formidable weapon, Thunderstrike—a massive greataxe adorned with ancient runes. As she wields it in battle, bolts of lightning crackle and dance along the blade, infusing her strikes with a devastating surge of electrical energy.

Equipment: Dravena wears leather armor, which is often adorned with furs, beads, feathers, and other trinkets. She also carries with her a magical greataxe called Thunderstrike, which was crafted for her by a wizard she bested in battle, as a token of his respect for her. Thunderstrike is a powerful axe which lets her use the call lightning spell three times per day, and also deals another 2d6 lightning damage in addition to its base attack. In addition to the axe, she sports some magical gauntlets she discovered after defeating some bandits called Stormguard Gauntlets which grant her resistance to lightning damage as well as boost her strength score by 1. On top of that, she has a magic amulet called the Amulet of Fury that augments her rage abilities, allowing her to use Rage 2 more times per day.

Personality: Dravena possesses an unyielding drive and determination. She approaches every challenge with an unwavering focus and refuses to back down, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Failure is not an option for her, and she channels her determination into every battle she faces.

While Dravena is a fierce warrior, she adheres to a personal code of honor. She respects strength, bravery, and those who fight with integrity. She expects her opponents to fight with honor as well, despising any dishonorable tactics or cheap tricks.

Dravena is driven by a constant desire for personal growth and self-improvement. She seeks out challenges and new experiences, believing that each encounter can teach her something valuable. She actively seeks wisdom from those who have surpassed her in skill and eagerly incorporates new techniques into her own fighting style.

Role In the Game: Dravena can be lots of things in your game. First and foremost, she makes a great encounter for your party because she mixes the unexpected with a non-fatal challenge that could net one of your characters a magic item. Depending how things go with Dravena, she could also be a potential ally, source of information, or even an enemy.

However you wish to utilize Dravena in your game, make sure to let us know how it goes! Comment below with any stories you may have from your games about what went down in the game because of her. Thanks always for reading! - Joe

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