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Free Wanted Poster

The party walks into town and the first thing they do is to check the town board. There's the usual mix of "farmer seeks help protecting herd from gnolls" and "please get rid of the monster in my basement" type quests, and, of course, your standard fare outlaw bounties. Collecting bounties on criminals who live in the frontier wilderness outside of town is a classic TTRPG element. However, why not include an ACTUAL wanted poster for your outlaws? With this handy poster which you can print at home, you can either sketch in your own outlaw or simply add an image you like for the character. In the above poster, I made a quick portrait using PortraitWorks and used a filter to make the full color art grayscale. Using something like this will make your game even more immersive for the party and suddenly the bounty for your outlaw isn't just another ordinary bounty.

Quick Aside

Want a free adventure you can play tonight with 30 minutes of prep? Have one on us!

Below, you'll find .zip download that contains both the blank Wanted Poster and the sample one of Reynard above. Thanks for checking it out and I hope it adds something special to your game!

Wanted Poster
Download ZIP • 3.69MB

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