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MAGIC ITEM: Amulet of Fury

Art by Cliff Childs.

Dravena, the half-orc barbarian, was outnumbered and separated from her companions. She smirked. It would almost be a fair fight. The orc captain spotted her, finally, blocking the path. The orc captain shouted for the rest of his warband to get ready to fight. Dravena didn't give them any longer to get ready for her and charged toward the warband, her voice booming like thunder through the mountain pass as her Amulet of Fury glowed red against her chest.

Quick Aside

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Wondrous item, Rare (requires attunement)

Fashioned entirely from polished brass, the amulet features a round, dome-shaped gemstone nestled within its ornate framework. The brasswork surrounding the gemstone is crafted with exquisite detail, depicting swirling flames and intricate engravings reminiscent of ancient tribal markings. The flames seem to come alive, as if dancing and flickering with an inner fire.

The gemstone itself holds the essence of the amulet's enchantment. It radiates a vibrant, fiery red glow, casting a warm and intense light onto the wearer's chest when worn. Within the gemstone, a mesmerizing display of swirling flames can be seen, as if a miniature inferno resides within its depths.

While wearing the amulet, the wearer can use the Barbarian Rage ability two additional times per day. If the character wearing the amulet is not a Barbarian, they can Rage one time total per day.

Thanks for reading the blog as always, and I hope you find a use for this magic item in your adventure or campaign. Let us know how it goes in the comments below! - Joe

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