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MAGIC ITEM: Cloak of the Winter Bear

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

"Cloak of the Winter Bear" by Bob Greyvenstein

Eirik huddled in the cave, surrounded by the goods he'd taken from the defeated kobolds. He smirked. They'd been frightened rather easily by his appearance and had offered no challenge. When he tracked them to the mountain pass, he'd emerged in front of them on all fours, roaring as best as he could, the fangs on his magic cloak glistening in the moonlight. Their leader, a squat Kobold wearing colored beads, shrieked in horror and had been the first to flee. The remaining kobolds followed suit and dropped most of their ill-gotten booty as they disappeared into the mountain. Most of the goods were intact, and what was missing wasn't worth going after. He'd return the stolen goods to the farmer who'd hired him in a day or two when he'd be able to head back. As the storm rolled in and wind whipped through the entrance to the cave with a howl, Eirik thanked whichever gods had allowed him to find this blessed magic cloak to begin with.

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Wondrous Item (Cloak), Rare (Requires Attunement)

Crafted from the thick, dark fur of a legendary winter bear, the Cloak of the Winter Bear exudes an aura of untamed power. The cloak itself is large and heavy, reaching down to the wearer's ankles, and it's designed to offer both protection and warmth in the harshest of environments. The cowl features a terrifying and detailed bear's head, complete with fangs and glassy, frost-covered eyes. The cloak radiates an aura of cold and carries with it the faint scent of snow and pine.

Description: The cloak is made from the supple yet robust fur of the winter bear, the deep ebony hue of the fur seemingly absorbing the light around it. The fibers have been meticulously arranged to create a harmonious blend of shades, resembling the swirling patterns of a stormy night sky. Running your fingers over the cloak's surface, you feel the softness of the fur contrasted by an almost invisible layer of frost that clings to its strands.

At the center of the cloak's back, the fur is thickest, forming a patch reminiscent of a bear's shoulders. The bear's head cowl is masterfully crafted, the head itself seeming to emerge from the very fabric. The glassy, frost-covered eyes of the bear gaze out with an intensity that pierces the onlooker's soul. Razor-sharp fangs protrude from the cowl's mouth, a display of nature's raw power.

Around the edges of the cloak, the fur gives way to small strands of shimmering ice-like threads, almost like delicate icicles forming the border. These threads catch the light and glint like starlight on a winter's night, giving the cloak an ethereal quality.


Bonus To AC: While wearing the Cloak of the Winter Bear, you gain +1 to your Armor Class.

Cold Resistance: While wearing the Cloak of the Winter Bear, you have resistance to cold and all cold-based effects.

Might of the Winter Bear: As a reaction when you take damage, you can channel the strength of the winter bear. Roll a d6 and add your Constitution modifier. You reduce the damage taken by the total of the roll and modifier. Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Winter's Embrace (Requires Attunement): While attuned to the cloak, you are able to cast the Ray of Frost cantrip. Additionally, if you are in an environment with heavy snowfall or icy terrain, your movement speed is unaffected by such conditions.

Curse of the Bear's Hunger: Once attuned to the Cloak of the Winter Bear, you find it difficult to remove or part with the cloak. You must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw to willingly remove the cloak. Additionally, if you go without wearing the cloak for more than 24 hours, you begin to feel an insatiable chill that saps your strength. You have disadvantage on Constitution saving throws until you put the cloak back on.


The Cloak of the Winter Bear has its origins in a remote village nestled deep within the frozen mountains. A talented artisan named Eldrin, who revered the bear as a guardian spirit, sought to honor its strength through his craft. However, there was a rogue bear who had attacked several travelers in the area and had made travel to the village too risky for traders from other towns, cutting off the supply of goods necessary for the town to survive the harsh winter.

Eldrin embarked on a perilous journey to track and eventually hunt down the rogue winter bear. After a fierce battle that lasted days, Eldrin emerged victorious, but not unscathed. Wounded and humbled by the encounter, he harvested the bear's fur with reverence and gratitude. With skill and devotion, he shaped the fur into the Cloak of the Winter Bear, imbuing it with the spirit of the bear and the power of the cold.

The cloak not only became a symbol of protection but a testament to the unity between mankind and nature's fierce beauty. It is said that those who don the cloak can feel the echoes of the winter bear's mighty presence and its resilience against the harshness of winter's embrace.

We hope you enjoy this magic item, and maybe it can play a part in your adventures or campaign. If so, let us know how it went and how you used the Cloak of the Winter Bear in your own games! As always, thank you for reading! - Joe

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