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MAGIC ITEM: The Stormcaller's Amulet

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Archibald Flax heard a noise from one of his magical alarms on the first floor of his stronghold. In a panic, he raced up the stairs to the tower which held The Stormcaller's Amulet. He saw that it was still in its resting place on its stand. His brows furrowed. Intruders shouldn't have been able to find their way through the Amulet's three mile field of effect. These must be dangerous intruders, indeed. With a resigned sigh, he cast invisibility on himself and quickly made his way toward the sound of the alarms.

Quick Aside

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Wondrous item. Rare

The Stormcaller's Amulet is a powerful magical amulet that constantly, and magically, generates powerful thunderstorms in a three-mile radius. These storms appear if the amulet ceases to move and remain until the amulet is moved somewhere else. Those who experience the storm outside will find it hard to navigate and might become lost. The storm comes from the atmosphere, so it will happen outside a building or shelter if the amulet is inside one. Requires no attunement to use.

Hopefully you can use this strange magical item in some way in your own campaigns. Let us know if you happen to use and enjoy it! As always, thank you for reading! - Joe

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