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100 NPC Quirks for Any TTRPG

In the past we've done Interesting Encounter tables for both Forest and Mountain regions, but I wanted to try something different today and create a table for you containing 100 NPC Quirks. Just roll a d100 as many times as you need, or just pick some quirks to use for any NPCs you need a little extra dimension to. Let's dive in.

Quick Aside

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  1. Always carries a pocket watch and checks it frequently.

  2. Speaks in rhymes or sings everything.

  3. Wears mismatched socks.

  4. Refuses to step on cracks in the pavement.

  5. Obsessed with collecting rare buttons.

  6. Constantly doodles on any available surface.

  7. Has an unusual pet, like a pet tarantula or a mini pig.

  8. Only eats food in alphabetical order.

  9. Never uses contractions when speaking.

  10. Wears sunglasses even indoors.

  11. Insists on wearing a top hat.

  12. Can't resist helping stray animals.

  13. Speaks in the third person.

  14. Keeps a rubber duck in their bag at all times.

  15. Always wears a glove on one hand.

  16. Carries a backpack full of board games everywhere.

  17. Talks to plants and believes they can communicate.

  18. Only wears clothing with polka dots.

  19. Smells everything they come across.

  20. Takes incredibly detailed notes about everything.

  21. Uses a different accent every day.

  22. Walks with a distinctive limp, even if not injured.

  23. Never leaves home without a crystal pendant.

  24. Collects and catalogues unusual rocks.

  25. Has a constant fear of odd numbers.

  26. Refers to inanimate objects as if they were alive.

  27. Has an obsession with conspiracy theories.

  28. Uses a magnifying glass to read even large print.

  29. Claims to have psychic abilities.

  30. Insists on dancing whenever music is playing.

  31. Carries a feather duster to keep everything clean.

  32. Refuses to use a smartphone and only communicates via letters.

  33. Talks to themselves when stressed.

  34. Always wears a glove that changes color based on mood.

  35. Believes in the power of lucky charms and amulets.

  36. Can't stand the sight of cheese.

  37. Keeps a collection of antique keys.

  38. Wears a gas mask as a fashion statement.

  39. Has a habit of giving random high-fives.

  40. Only eats food that is orange in color.

  41. Carries a briefcase full of marbles.

  42. Speaks in riddles and puzzles.

  43. Insists on using a quill and ink for writing.

  44. Never uses the words "yes" or "no."

  45. Constantly chews gum and blows bubbles.

  46. Is a human thesaurus and uses obscure words.

  47. Carries a metal detector and uses it everywhere.

  48. Wears a monocle for no apparent reason.

  49. Always has a deck of cards and offers to play games.

  50. Refuses to sit in chairs, only on the floor.

  51. Wears a fanny pack at all times.

  52. Carries a magnifying glass to examine tiny details.

  53. Claims to have a personal connection with a famous historical figure.

  54. Ties knots in their hair or beard.

  55. Uses an old-fashioned typewriter for all writing.

  56. Carries around a jar of fireflies.

  57. Never wears shoes, only socks.

  58. Keeps a collection of unusual spoons.

  59. Insists on addressing everyone as "Captain."

  60. Smiles and waves at strangers passing by.

  61. Has a fondness for collecting rubber ducks.

  62. Insists on wearing a cape.

  63. Carries a small potted plant with them.

  64. Always wears a trench coat, regardless of the weather.

  65. Speaks with a thick, exaggerated accent.

  66. Carries a crystal ball and claims to see the future.

  67. Always wears a lei of plastic flowers.

  68. Has an obsession with counting things.

  69. Wears a belt made of bottle caps.

  70. Insists on doing magic tricks for everyone.

  71. Has an unusual laugh that's hard to forget.

  72. Never wears a watch, only checks the sun for the time.

  73. Carries a stuffed animal at all times.

  74. Speaks in a Shakespearean style.

  75. Walks with a pet parrot on their shoulder.

  76. Always carries a feather pen and inkwell.

  77. Has a penchant for puns and wordplay.

  78. Wears a tinfoil hat for supposed mind protection.

  79. Uses a walking stick as a fashion accessory.

  80. Has a rubber band ball that they add to daily.

  81. Believes they have a guardian angel.

  82. Speaks in a whisper, no matter the situation.

  83. Wears a belt made of old cassette tapes.

  84. Carries a backpack filled with candles.

  85. Always has a hand puppet to converse with.

  86. Insists on wearing roller skates.

  87. Wears a monocle and a monocle only.

  88. Has an obsession with collecting vintage postcards.

  89. Speaks entirely in metaphors.

  90. Carries a small wind chime that tinkles with movement.

  91. Believes they are a time traveler from the future.

  92. Uses a cane, even if they don't need it.

  93. Keeps a jar of glitter to throw in the air for celebration.

  94. Insists on wearing a propeller beanie.

  95. Has an affinity for collecting traffic cones.

  96. Always wears a bandana, no matter the outfit.

  97. Believes they are a secret agent.

  98. Speaks with an excessive amount of enthusiasm.

  99. Carries a stuffed animal that "predicts" the weather.

  100. Has a habit of twirling an imaginary mustache.

These are meant to hopefully jumpstart your creativity and maybe help you come up with even more quirks independently. As always, if you find this post useful, let us know in the comments below. If you get a result that doesn't fit with your adventure or campaign/setting, just re-roll or modify your result to make it fit. Thanks for reading! - Joe

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