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MAGIC ITEM: Tome of Aetherweave

Elowen Mistral stood before the rift, her emerald-clad fingers delicately tracing the ornate plates of gold filigree protecting the Tome. As the aged pages fluttered open upon her command, a kaleidoscope of colors danced in front of her ancient elven eyes. A soft breeze whispered through a spectral rift before her. Elowen's voice, melodious and filled with a sense of wonder, resonated through the chamber as she whispered incantations older than the stars themselves. The tome responded, its pages coming to life with a shimmering luminescence that matched the glint in her eyes. In that moment, the boundaries of reality blurred, and Elowen stood at the threshold of the unknown, ready to unveil secrets that would shape the course of her people's destiny.

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Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement by a wizard)

The Tome of Aetherweave is a captivating and opulent tome bound in the finest leather, its cover adorned with intricately crafted plates of pure gold filigree. The book is of substantial size, measuring roughly twelve inches in height, eight inches in width, and three inches in thickness. On the front cover, a series of delicate hinges and latches, also fashioned from gold, provide an elegant means of locking the book securely when desired which can be opened with a command word known only to the wizard attuned to it. A lush, verdant silk bookmark, attached to the spine, allows its user to effortlessly mark their place within its pages. When opened, the pages themselves are made of a velvety, parchment-like material.

The Tome of Aetherweave has a storied history shrouded in mystery. Its origins trace back to a reclusive order of sages known as the "Astrum Magistrae," who were said to have harnessed the secrets of interdimensional magic. The tome served as both a repository of their knowledge and a channel to connect with otherworldly realms. Legends tell of a time when it was stolen by a cunning rogue-mage named Seraphina Nightshade, who coveted its powers. Seraphina's disappearance, along with the book, only deepened the aura of mystique surrounding the artifact. Since then, the tome has surfaced sporadically throughout history, always in the hands of powerful and enigmatic individuals.

The last known wielder of the Tome of Aetherweave was a striking elven mage named Elowen Mistral. Elowen was renowned for her ethereal beauty and her mastery of arcane arts. She had long, flowing raven-black hair that framed her ageless face, and her eyes shimmered with an otherworldly wisdom. Elowen carried an air of quiet confidence and spoke with a melodic voice that could soothe even the most troubled of souls. She was known to be a seeker of lost knowledge and often ventured into the most perilous of realms to uncover forgotten secrets. Her fascination with the Tome of Aetherweave was said to be driven by a desire to unlock the mysteries of the multiverse and reshape the fate of her people.

When found, the book contains the following spells, which are wizard spells for when you are attuned to the book: alter self, astral projection, blink, contact other plane, demiplane, dimension door, expeditious retreat, misty step, passwall, phantasmal force, phantasmal killer, plane shift, prismatic wall, silent image, true seeing, unseen servant.

While you are holding the book, you can use it as a spellcasting focus for your wizard spells. You gain a +2 bonus to spell attack rolls and to the saving throw DCs of your wizard spells.

The book has three charges, and it regains 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn. You can use the charges in the following ways while holding it:

  • If you spend 1 minute studying the book, you can expend 1 charge to replace one of your prepared wizard spells with a different spell in the book. The new spell must be able to be cast by your level normally.

  • You can expend 1 charge to counter a spell cast by an opposing wizard as a reaction. The spell is negated completely.

Well, there you have the Tome of the Aetherweave. Let us know in the comments if and how you found a use for the tome in your own campaign or adventure. Thank you for reading, as always! -Joe

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