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MAGIC ITEM: Eon's Echo

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Elara Windrider found herself on the precipice of the Elemental Abyss, the chaotic tempests of the plane swirling ominously around her. With the wind howling and arcane energies crackling in the air, she raised Eon's Echo high above her head with both hands, its twin faces gazing into the unfathomable depths. As she channeled her will through the weapon, its azure flames burst forth, dancing and flickering with an ethereal grace. The turbulent forces of the Elemental Planes recoiled in awe as the spear's power surged, yet something massive was forming inside the elemental tempest below. Yet, she'd anticipated this. In that moment, Elara became a beacon of elemental mastery, her figure bathed in the otherworldly azure glow of the staff. She had become the storm, so to speak, commanding the very forces that threatened to engulf her. With a mighty thrust, she sent a bolt of blue lightning streaking through the tempest, striking down the colossal elemental titan emerging from below.

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Wondrous item, Rare (requires attunement) Eon's Echo is a double-pointed spear, its slender staff made of a dark, exotic wood that seems to absorb the light around it. At either end of the staff are arrow-shaped blades that glisten with an eerie, azure sheen. These blades are finely crafted with exquisite detail, and what makes them truly captivating are the intricately carved, open-mawed human faces that adorn them. These faces appear almost lifelike, their eyes and mouths aglow with a mysterious blue essence. Eon's Echo was forged centuries ago by an enigmatic group of elven artisans known as the Celenari Enclave. These craftsmen sought to create a weapon that could harness the elemental power of the ethereal plane. Legends speak of a cataclysmic event in which the Enclave unleashed the weapon to protect their homeland from a rampaging elemental serpent, defeating the creature but sealing their own fate as a result.

The last known person to wield Eon's Echo was Elara Windrider, a reclusive elven mage who lived deep within the Elemental Wastes. Elara was a guardian of ancient knowledge and sought to prevent the weapon from falling into the wrong hands. She used its power sparingly, only when the Elemental Planes threatened to breach into the Material Plane. Ultimately, it is said she entrusted the spear to a group of adventurers she believed could protect it when she could no longer wield its power, but ever since then the spear has been lost to time.

Twice per day, once from each head, the wielder is able to cast Lightning Bolt. Additionally, each of the spear heads can emit a blue flame or crackling electricity which allows it to deal an extra 1d6 damage of either type on successful attacks. If the person wielding the spear has proficiency in both spears and polearms, they gain an extra attack with it.

The spear is sentient and allows the wielder to communicate with the spirits of the Celenari Enclave for guidance and knowledge related to elemental forces. The responses vary in complexity and are up to the DM to interpret.

Anyway, this is our freebie for the week, so I hope you find a use for Eon's Echo in your own game or campaign, and as always - let us know what you think! - Joe

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