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Magic Item: Heart of the Underdark

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

"Amulet - Normal" by Bob Greyvenstein

Zender clutched the gorgeous purple and gold jewel-encrusted amulet in his palm as the chain hung from his neck. He'd come a long way to find the Heart of the Underdark. There was a time when he thought it was just a silly fairytale, the object in a love story between a dark elf and a wood elf from long ago. But it was real, and more importantly - in his possession. As the goblins sought to overwhelm him in the cavern, Zender smiled and spoke the command word, shrouding the rocky corridor in a deep magical darkness that not even the goblins' darkvision could penetrate. Yet, the Heart gave Zender the ability to see through it and he watched as the goblins shrieked, bumbling into each other in an attempt to flee.

Quick Aside

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It is said that the Heart of the Underdark was created by a powerful dark elf sorcerer named Nalathiel. Nalathiel was known for his ability to harness the power of darkness and turn it against his enemies. He crafted the amulet as a gift for his lover, a wood elf rogue named Lyra. Together, they traveled the land, using the amulet's powers to defeat the forces of evil and protect the innocent. After Lyra's death, the amulet was lost to time, waiting to be rediscovered by a new hero who will use it to continue Nalathiel and Lyra's legacy.

The amulet is a beautiful piece of jewelry, featuring a large, oval-shaped, deep purple jewel at its center. The jewel is surrounded by intricate gold filigree. The amulet hangs from a delicate golden chain that glimmers in the light.

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

When worn, the Heart of the Underdark grants its wearer the ability to see in complete darkness. In addition, the wearer gains resistance to necrotic damage and can cast the darkness spell once per day.

Anyway, that's it for the Heart of the Underdark. I hope you can find a use for this in your adventure or campaign. Let us know how you use or change it in the comments below! -Joe

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