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Magic Item: Quicksilver

Euphoria frowned as the hired thugs strolled through his shop, trying to scare him into buying his alchemical components from a local crime lord by the name of Desmond Ash instead of his trusted supplier. The closest one stepped just a tad too near for Euphoria's comfort and in a flash of movement, the Tiefling drew his mechanical, silvered dagger Quicksilver. The thug laughed as Euphoria brandished what looked like a rapier pommel without the attached blade. That is, until the Tiefling pressed a small button on the pommel, after which a *CLICK-SNAP* resounded and a blade extended from the crossguard first into dagger length, and then into a full-blown rapier. The thug stumbled back in surprise as Euphoria chuckled and went into a defensive flourish.

Quick Aside

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Wondrous item, Rare (Requires Attunement)

This exquisitely crafted silvered mechanical blade is spring loaded and rests entirely within the pommel and under the highly detailed crossguard. With the pressing of a button, the blade fires out at a high rate of speed and clicks into place at the length of a dagger. Then, if pressed again, the blade will extend one further, final time into the length of a rapier with another click. The blade will be fixed into place until the button is pressed again in which case it will retract back into the pommel.

This blade can be used as either a dagger or as a rapier, depending on the wielder's needs.

We hope that you find some use for Quicksilver in your campaign or adventure. You can find Quicksilver (and Euphoria) in the pages of Villains & Villagers, our most recent Kickstarter at the time of this blog post. - Joe

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