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Kickstarter Announcement: ALIVE INSIDE Launching Soon!

This has been a long time coming, a massive work of passion and collaboration and lots (LOTS) of playtesting. Our very first original RPG system, a horror survival game set in a modern setting, ALIVE INSIDE, is launching in October on Kickstarter!

This gritty tabletop RPG is already available as a free quick start guide that you can check out here.

ALIVE INSIDE is made to roleplay various apocalyptic scenarios as the player characters scrounge for supplies, combine their wits, and fight against horrific monsters. The Kickstarter includes a 1st-5th level adventure set in rural Vermont during a zombie apocalypse, but the Kickstarter will also include adversaries for running scenarios involving an AI uprising, alien invasion, radioactive mutants, and supernatural abominations.

The game includes many mechanics that will feel familiar for fans of 5e but with a completely reimagined talent-tree based character creation system, a hybrid dice system that combines the randomness of a d20 system but with the risk-reward decision making of a d6 dice pool. ALIVE INSIDE also creates a more engaging and strategic combat system, introducing "turn actions" that survivors can take at any point during combat, even when it's not their turn.

Starter Boxset

Let's take a look at the core physical pledge tier, the ALIVE INSIDE boxset.

The Survivor (Starter Boxset) tier, set at $55, includes:

  • ALIVE INSIDE QuicksStart Booklet

  • Kershaw County Outbreak Adventure Booklet

  • Expanded Equipment & Adversaries Booklet

  • Blood Splatter Dice

  • Pre-Generated Survivor Folios (5)

  • Blank Survivor Sheets (10)

  • Kershaw County Visitor’s Poster Map

  • Kershaw County Visitor’s Digital Map

  • Special Thanks in the QuickStart Guide

ALIVE INSIDE QuickStart Booklet - This 64 page booklet will include a more polished and edited version of the free QuickStart guide along with added artwork and further playtest content.

Kershaw County Outbreak Adventure Booklet - This 64 page booklet is a 1st-5th level adventure path set in rural Vermont. The adventure will include loads of interesting NPCs, dangerous and surprising undead to encounter, scavenging tables to quickly provide thousands of possible loot for survivors to find, and dozens of survival locations to explore including a campground, ski resort, an overrun hospital complex, and a state office building.

Expanded Equipment & Adversaries Booklet - This 24 page booklet includes loads of new weapons and supplies to equip your survivors along with dozens of new adversaries to terrify the party.

Blood Splatter Dice - A set of 16 white dice, splattered with red, that will provide all the dice you need to play ALIVE INSIDE. The dice set includes the standard seven-dice set but with an additional 9 d6 to take major risks with the game system's stress-level dice pool mechanic.

Pre-Generated Survivor Folios - This set of five survivor folios gives you character sheets, extensive backgrouns, and full page artwork for the games five premade survivors:

  • Fred, a Martial Arts Instructor

  • Zoe, a Social Worker

  • Yvette, an EMT

  • Keisha, a National Guard Army Lieutenant

  • John, a Carpenter

Blank Survivor Sheets - A set of 10 blank survivor sheets to create new survivors from scratch.

Kershaw County Visitor’s Poster Map - A folded tourism-style map of Kershaw County showing the major roadways, landmarks, towns, and terrain features of Kershaw County Vermont.


So what is Kickstarter and why are we launching one for ALIVE INSIDE? Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that lets people provide funding to creative products so that they can be brought to life, in exchange for receiving a specific reward once the project is completed.

For ALIVE INSIDE, we need funding for all of the physical components of the boxset, to pay editors to comb through the various booklets, and to hire artists to commission artwork to bring the project to life.

If you are interested in the project, be sure to click this link and then click the "Notify me on launch" button on the page. Doing this will ensure you receive an email notification on launch. When you back the project, remember that your card won't be charged until the project ends.

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