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MAGIC ITEM: Aurora's Horn

Seraphina calmly unlatched the magical horn from her travel pack, kneeling down in the muck and filth of the unhallowed ground before her. A shambling wall of undead moved toward her at a slow but steady pace, the necromancer's tower only a couple miles distant, jutting into the sky like an obsidian blade. She stood and put the horn to her lips, trying not to stare into the soulless eyes of the dead who wished to rend her flesh. With a sharp blast of sound from the horn, the dead ceased their movements as the dark clouds above opened up and a winged celestial swooped down to land beside her. Her celestial guardian held an awe-inspiring mace in its hands and regarded the horde of undead with contempt. Picking up her travel pack and re-attaching the sacred horn, Seraphina unsheathed her flaming rapier and stood side by side with her celestial guardian as the wall of undead closed around them.

Quick Aside

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Wondrous Item, Rare (Requires attunement)

Crafted from a rare light-colored metal known as Celestial Alabrine, the horn shimmers with a silvery iridescence under any source of light. It is approximately two feet in length, coiled several times in a graceful spiral pattern, with each coil perfectly spaced and meticulously engraved with intricate celestial motifs.

The engravings depict celestial bodies, constellations, and scenes of celestial beings in various acts of benevolence, rendered in such fine detail that they seem to come to life when viewed closely. As the horn nears its end, it elegantly flares out into a bowl, and it is adorned with tiny, flawless sapphires that emit a gentle, pulsating light, mimicking the twinkle of stars.


Protection from Darkness: When held, the horn provides its bearer with resistance to necrotic and psychic damage and grants advantage on saving throws against fear effects and charm spells cast by evil beings.

Celestial Guardian (Requires Attunement): In dire situations, the horn can be blown with great force to call upon the aid of a celestial guardian, summoning a celestial ally to aid the bearer in battle or other noble endeavors. The exact nature of the celestial allies summoned depends on the purity of the bearer's heart and the urgency of the situation. Functions as the 5E spell Summon Celestial. Can be used once per day.

Radiant Illumination: This horn is imbued with massive amounts of radiant energy and thus gives off a radiant glow when held. It illuminates a 15' area surrounding the horn bearer with white, pure light which can dispel Darkness as well as give disadvantage on attacks to any undead or evil-aligned beings in the vicinity.

Celestial Melodies: When this horn is played by someone with experience, they can produce the effects of any non-combat cantrip that doesn't target enemies. If the character fails their performance check of DC 12, then the cantrip is randomized. This can be used as many times per day as desired.

Well, that's Aurora's Horn! Hopefully it can fit into your campaign or adventure, and if you do end up using it - let us know what you thought of it in the comments below! We're always interested in hearing about ways in which these magic items are used by others. As always, thank you for reading! -Joe

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