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Magic Item: Boots of Riding

"Draconic Boots" by Bob Greyvenstein

Zender, pursued by the town guard on foot, smirked as he rounded the corner. Temporarily out of view of his pursuers, he clicked his heels together and with a snap he was suddenly astride his magical horse whom he named Jingo. Shouting with glee as Jingo spurred forward with great speed, Zender turned to look at his pursuers who were already throwing their helmets on the ground in frustration.

Quick Aside

Want a free adventure you can play tonight with 30 minutes of prep? Have one on us!

These ornate, leather boots with golden accents are extremely comfortable and durable. They keep the wearer warm in winter, and cool in the summer, and come up over the calves to just under the knee.

These boots grant the wearer the ability to ride a horse without having prior knowledge or training, and on top of that if the rider clicks the heels together a magical horse appears underneath the rider and lasts for 12 hours - the type of horse depends on the wearer of the boots and what their personality is. This ability can be used once per day. The horse is magical in nature and doesn't need to rest, eat, or drink. If the horse is "killed" - it returns the next time the ability is able to be used.

Hope these boots spark some enjoyment in your game. Let us know whether you like them or not or if you use them sometime. - Joe

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