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Villains & Villagers - Our Newest Kickstarter Project

Well, it's finally arrived. As of yesterday (02/07/2023), Villains & Villagers, our newest Kickstarter project, has been launched and we couldn't be prouder. As the creative lead on this project, I have to say that I had a lot of fun coming up with the pre-generated NPCs you will find in this book. They are not only table-ready, requiring almost no work from the GM/DM - but they are also system neutral. We've provided descriptions, history, story-hooks, quirks, and lots of extras to flesh out the NPCs as much as we could for use in anything from D&D to Pathfinder to any other system you can probably think of. With a few tweaks, you can really use them anywhere. We've provided generator tables to alter things about the NPCs we've included, or even to help you create your own. And if your NPC creations skills are rusty or you're just starting out, we've included tips on creating NPCs for your own games.


Listen, I like generators as much as the next GM/DM. I'm a busy guy. My favorite generator is NPC Generator, which I use a lot in my own games. However, even generators are sometimes limited. Sometimes when you generate characters, the information doesn't add up for a cohesive character, resulting in the GM/DM having to do a lot of work to shoehorn them into the adventure or campaign anyway. For example, I might generate a random character and in one section of the generated information it tells me that the character is very attractive, but then in another section it tells me that the character has a plain, unattractive face. We've actually put some thought behind our NPCs and generators are limited by a preset number of choices that will expire eventually with repeated use.


Well, that's a fair question. If you haven't heard of Headless Hydra Press until you've visited our blog, then all I can say is that we create third party 5E content, as well as content for other TTRPGs. Shane (the CEO) and I both have MFA degrees in Creative Writing, and we're both nerds who appreciate TTRPGs and RPGs and even board and card games in general. We're also both very passionate about being creative, and so we've tried to make this product as unique as possible although there are a plethora of other generators and NPC books out there. I'm just here to say that ours is pretty cool and you should check it out. We are a small, independent business located in Woodford, Vermont.


Well, that depends on your tier via Kickstarter. However, the base book is full of content and rewards will be unlocked as the Kickstarter campaign progresses to include cool extras like tavern menus, VTT Tokens, and more. At the very least, the core book will have categories of NPCs including Authority Figures, Villains, Tavern Keepers, Merchants, and Allies.


Okay, so nobody really asked that one but I'm going to embed our Kickstarter Promo Video here anyway.

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