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Hexplorer Map Tiles

I can hardly believe that it's almost been three years since we launched our first Kickstarter for Hexplorer. The project was a surprise hit and helped prime Headless Hydra Press to be the innovative TTRPG company it is today. Our focus has always been to make game products that bring people together, and players roleplaying going on an expedition into uncharted wilderness is such a fun way to spend game night together. Hexplorer Map Tiles help make hexcrawls and exploration-focused games even more engaging, adding an immersive visual aspect as the GM builds - or reveals - the map in real time as the players explore.

Quick Aside

Get a FREE system neutral settlement guide to start you next adventure that requires 5 minutes of prep.

To celebrate our first three years, you can now get a sample of our core set of Hexplorer Map Tiles for free! Find the download link below where you'll get the PNG files you need for the part to immediately begin exploring. We hope you enjoy!

PNG Hexplorer Basic Set
Download ZIP • 5.46MB

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