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Free Printable Hireling Contract

As a player, nothing says "I made it" like bossing around NPCs to do the grunt work for you. Whether you need a camp cook, a squire to help put your armor on, or a stable hand to feed and brush the horses, hirelings are the ultimate status symbol for the up-and-coming D&D party.

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However, as the DM, it's easy to toss some NPC camp followers into the fray to tag along with the party without putting a ton of thought into the mechanics and division of labor. But fear not! We made a hireling contract for you to keep track of all the important details for any hirelings the party comes across. You can use the hireling contract as an immersive player handout or to keep your own notes organized. The contract is printer friendly and formatted to print two-per-page. Hope you enjoy!

Hireling Contract
Download ZIP • 1.59MB

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1 Comment

Mike Harris
Mike Harris
Jun 14, 2023

This looks pretty fun and is a great immersion tool. Just as a side note length is misspelled in Length of

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