Welcome to our Fifth Edition Modules! In a vast sea of content, here's what make our 5E supplements unique:

Plug-and-Play Design: Meticulously designed to make running the adventures as easy as possible, our modules include everything you need and nothing you don't. Dungeon areas are clearly labeled and each passage includes up to four sections - Read Aloud Text, GM Notes, Monster Details, and Treasure Information.

Beautiful Artwork: Too many otherwise great adventures reduce costs with the artwork. Our adventures are bursting with beautiful, full-color art. We work with some of the industry's best artists including Dean Spencer, Pawel Parol, Eric Pommer, Rick Hershey,  Bob Greyvenstein, and others.

Diverse and Complex NPCs: We strive to make characters that are inclusive and who represent the diverse range of gamers who play the world's greatest TTRPG. Additionally, each NPC contains three sections to help the NPC run the character: Background, Secret, and Possessions

High-Resolution VTT Battlemaps: Each adventure includes several variants of the dungeon battlemap. Created using Inkarnate and optimized for using online, these maps are just one more way we aim to make GMs' lives as easy as possible.

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Premium Fifth Edition Content

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