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The Mirror Blade

"Peridot Blade 01" by Alec Adams

Flaerenin hurled the dagger, which pierced the throat of the goblin guard with a "thuk". The goblin fell dead, clutching at his throat. With a wave of Flaerenin's hand, the Mirror Blade magically returned to his grasp, and within moments he began to transform in appearance from Flaerenin the elf to that of the goblin guard he'd just slain. With a whistle, he dragged the goblin's body out of sight, behind a rock, and took its original post.

Quick Aside

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Wondrous item, Rare (Requires Attunement)

This gleaming, magical dagger is made from a very strong and mystical alloy that fell from the stars, and which was forged into a dagger with long-forgotten knowledge. As a result, it is virtually unbreakable, as well as rust proof and it only weighs 1/4 the weight of a normal dagger.

This weapon levels with the player character.


  • +1 to attack and damage.

  • Returns to your hand if you make a ranged attack.

  • You can speak, read, and write Draconic.


  • +2 to attack and damage.

  • If you kill a creature (humanoid) using the Mirror Blade, the blade is able to transform your appearance into that of the last humanoid you've killed with it. Changing form is an action. Equipment you are wearing isn't transformed.


  • +3 to attack and damage.

  • While holding the dagger, you can turn invisible as an action. Anything on your person is also invisible. You remain invisible until you stop holding the dagger, attack, or cast a spell. You can do this three times per day.

We hope you find some use in your campaign for The Mirror Blade. I know it's been fun in my games. Let us know if you like it or not in the comments below! - Joe

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