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Talons of the Owlbear

"Claws" by Bob Greyvenstein

The mercenary captain grasped his side, fresh blood flowing out in rivulets between his fingers. Zanari flicked the man's blood from the blades of his magic talons onto the ground in a line and stepped back into a defensive stance. He could feel the strength pulsating from his magic weapons into his body, and the enhanced senses it granted him were intoxicating. Zanari smirked when the mercenary charged forward, sword raised high. The man's battle cry would be the last time his earthly voice would ever be heard.

Quick Aside

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Wondrous item, Rare (Requires Attunement)

These lightweight gauntlets made of steel and gold plating are forged to look like talons and using straps on the underside, they fit the wearer's hands and forearms all the way up to the elbow. While wearing both sets of talons, you gain +2 to your Strength score, +1 to your Dexterity, your AC is increased by +1, you gain darkvision, and you gain +2 to perception checks.

You can use a talon as a melee weapon while wearing it. You have proficiency with it, and it deals 1d8 slashing damage on a hit. It's versatile, so you can use either Str or Dex to apply to the attack and damage rolls, as normal.

While wearing the talons, you can't manipulate objects or cast spells with somatic components.

We hope that this magic item can be used in your campaign or adventure in some way, or maybe even that it inspires a magic item of your own. Let us know what you think of the Talons in the comments down below. -Joe

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