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SPELL: Elric's Transmute Form

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Elric frantically chanted the spell he'd created, Transmute Form, as the powerful death knight known as Lord Grimlok hurled himself toward their battle-weary party. One hand on Emblethicket's shoulder, and the other clutching a small chunk of Adamantine, Elric finished chanting the spell and watched as Emblethicket's skin rippled outward and flipped around in small sections to reveal the shiny and almost impenetrable texture of Adamantine. With a knowing nod, the rogue, who's skin was now as hard and durable as the Adamantine that had dissolved from Elric's hand, disappeared into the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike the death knight in the coming melee. As Elric prepared his next powerful spell, he took solace in knowing that no matter what, Emblethicket would now be much more protected while he could focus on casting other magic against his unholy foe.

Quick Aside

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Elric's Transmute Form

Spell Level: 5th level

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M (a small piece of material of choice*)

Duration: Up to 30 minutes*

Classes: Wizard

Description: With this spell, the wizard can transmute the physical properties of the willing target's skin. The target's skin takes on an AC appropriate to the hardness and durability of the material component used in the spell's incantation. At the end of the spell's duration, the target reverts back to their original form. The piece of material, which should be about 4" in circumference, roughly, is consumed by the spell. The AC does stack with DEX bonuses but does not stack with other armor. Whichever AC you have that is applicable, go with the highest available to you.

Material Armor Class

Substance * AC Minutes*

Cloth, Paper, Rope 11 30

Crystal, Glass, Ice 13 25

Wood, Bone 15 20

Stone 17 10

Iron, Steel 19 5

Mithral 21 3

Adamantine 23 3

We hope you find some use for Elric's Transmute Form spell and make sure to keep an eye out the rest of April because Elric was an NPC that just demanded more content, so I've got some more Elric-related stuff brewing for the next couple of Fridays. Thanks for reading, as always, and if you have any comments about this spell remember that the space is open below for all discourse! - Joe

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