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Playable Race: Buranar

Buranar art created using Portrait Workshop

*The Buranar first appear in Sandbox Adventures #10 Lost in the Caligo Field


The ancient descendant of half-frost giants, the Buranar are a nomadic people who strive for balance between nature and civilization. They live in the desolate, frozen lands too wild or harsh for other people to live. They tend to be hardy and resourceful and in tune with the natural world around them.

Descendants of Half-Frost Giants

Buranar tend to have skin that is gray-blue and hair that ranges from silver-white to gray. They are easily recognizable for their horns and are sometimes mistaken for Tieflings. Though descendant of giants, they are typically about the same size as humans, usually ranging between 5 and 6 feet tall.

Nomadic Tribes

Buranar tribes are small, close-knit communities, usually containing 20-50 individuals. They typically sustain themselves by hunting, fishing, foraging, and trading for what they cannot make themselves. Buranar leather goods are prized for their quality and though they are average blacksmiths in most respects, their traditional bearded axes are prized by adventurers. Buranar often domesticate and breed the animals native to where they live, forming close relationships with them.

Buranar Names

Buranar have first names and adopt their tribal names as surnames. For instance, Aykhan of the Wolftongues.

Male Names: Altan, Aykhan, Byaman, Erel, Erilik, Dalbar, Kardakas, Kyakhan, Madan, Menik, Nurgun, Otekh, Saryn, Tarbokh, Tamyr, Turkun, Ursun.

Female Names: Ayana, Aldana, Chemile, Dayana,

Iankh, Kitilina, Kiyara, Nariyana, Nurgustana, Oloona,Siralima, Sargana, Suskuna, Tuskana

Tribal Names: Bearmounts, Chinhorns, Frostfeet, Icespears, Stonelakes, Wolftongues.

Buranar Traits

Your Buranar heritage manifests in a variety of traits that you share with other Buranar.

Ability Score Increase: Harsh life in an unforgiving terrain has lead many Buranar to have higher than average Constitution and Wisdom though we encourage flexibility in character creation.

Age: Buranar reach adulthood in their teens and can live for nearly a century.

Alignment: With a tribal mentality of balance between nature and civilization ingrained in most Buranar, they tend toward lawful alignments, most gravitating toward neutral.

Size: Most Buranar are between 5 and 6 feet tall. Regardless of your height, your size is Medium.

Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Damage Resistance: You have resistance to cold damage.

Frozen Nomad: When you are in the plane of existence you grew up on and the outside ambient temperature is below freezing, you can accurately predict what the weather will be for the next 24 hours.

Limited Speak with Animals: You have the ability to communicate with the beasts native to where you grew up. They have the ability to understand your words and you can understand simple responses.

Expert Axemen: As the ability to gather firewood and keep it burning can be the difference between life and death, Buranar train to use axes from the time they are old enough to hold one. You are proficient in the bearded axe and the hand axe.

Quick Aside

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