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NPC: Barrak the Mercenary Captain

Barrak is an NPC who first appeared in Sandbox Adventure #9 Secret of the Sunspear. That adventure was dedicated in loving memory to Jeff Isaak, the original player who created and roleplayed Barrak for years. May his legacy continue through your game night.

Barrak the Mercenary Captain


The sole survivor of his village after an evil sorcerer incinerated it, Barrak came of age in the gladiator pits. After earning his freedom, he came to a bustling port city where he's worked as a hired sword and sailor to the highest bidder. Barrak has done well as a mercenary and now he's using his wealth to fund his own adventuring party. Illiterate and uneducated, Barrak attempts to hide this shortcoming by insisting he knows things, even when he's clearly wrong. Although he is generally impulsive, Barrak is a natural sailor and has good instincts for captaining a ship. Barrak is obsessed with pork and has been known to eat an entire roasted pig in one sitting. Barrak has acquired several oddities during his years of

adventuring: most notable is his greatsword's scabbard, which is a magically preserved eel. For combat, use the "Berserker" stat block for Barrak but replace the greataxe attack with a greatsword: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: (2d6 + 3) slashing damage.


Barrak is obsessed with getting revenge for what happened to his village. He is actively seeking the sorcerer who did it. When he locates them, he will search for an adventuring party to help him.


A greatsword, a magic eel scabbard, a handaxe, two potions of healing, 10 days of rations consisting entirely of pork jerky, 150 GP, and a journal of sketches he's made from memories of his village.

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