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NEW 5E MONSTER: Frostbound Wraithwolf

"Wolf Ghost" by Bob Greyvenstein

The Frostbound Wraithwolf is a supernatural creature that dwells in the coldest and most desolate regions of the world. It is a master of camouflage, only revealing itself during the midst of a raging winter storm. When adventurers are lucky enough to witness it, the Frostbound Wraithwolf appears as a spectral wolf, its form seemingly made of swirling snow and ice crystals. Its eyes burn with an eerie blue light that pierces through the blizzard.

Quick Aside

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According to local legends, the Frostbound Wraithwolf is said to be the vengeful spirit of a powerful frost wolf that died in the harshest of winters. Its anger and thirst for vengeance against those who contributed to its demise transformed it into an otherworldly creature that haunts the most frigid landscapes. It draws power from savage storms of the north, and appears when the storms are at the height of their power.

The creature is known to have a lair deep within an ice-covered cave or a frozen tundra. Its lair might be guarded by the spirits of other animals it has taken as victims, serving as additional obstacles for adventurers.


The Frostbound Wraithwolf is a cunning predator. It uses its Blizzard Cloak ability to remain hidden until the storm is at its peak, then strikes swiftly and fades back into obscurity. It often employs hit-and-run tactics, using its Phantom Pack and Spectral Howl abilities to weaken and intimidate its prey before closing in for the kill. If confronted directly, it relies on its ethereal nature and evasive maneuvers to dodge attacks while wearing down its opponents with its Chill Touch and Frozen Fangs.

Blizzard Cloak: The Frostbound Wraithwolf's ghostly form allows it to blend seamlessly with snowstorms. It becomes nearly invisible to the naked eye, making it incredibly difficult to detect unless a character has keen perception or magical means to see through illusions.

Chill Touch: The creature's icy touch can drain the warmth and life force from its prey. Upon a successful hit, the target takes cold damage and must make a Constitution saving throw or suffer temporary penalties to their movement speed due to numbing cold.

Phantom Pack: The Frostbound Wraithwolf is rarely encountered alone. It is often accompanied by ghostly manifestations of wolves that it can summon from the blizzard. These phantom wolves assist in hunting down its prey and can deal cold damage with their bites.

Spectral Howl: When the Frostbound Wraithwolf lets out a haunting howl, the sound echoes through the storm and chills the bones of those who hear it. All creatures within a certain radius must make a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened for a duration, as they feel an overwhelming sense of dread and cold.

Frozen Fangs: The wraithwolf's bite carries a curse of icy frost. Those bitten by the creature might suffer ongoing cold damage over time as their bodies struggle to fend off the numbing effects.

We hope you find a use for the Frostbound Wraithwolf in your own campaign or adventures! Please let us know what you think, and how you used this beast. Thanks always for reading! - Joe

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