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Monster: Minor Jungle Spirit

"Skull Pile" by Dean Spencer

The Minor Jungle Spirit first appeared in our 5E adventure Tomb of Forgotten Evil.

Minor Jungle Spirit

Jungle spirits are the lingering essences of Jungle Dryads which are by their nature, more malevolent than their temperate dwelling sisters. Death does not make them more docile. In death, the spirits of the cruelest and angriest jungle dryads can sometimes linger in the material plane. The longer their spirit remains, the more power they develop. In the earliest stage, their spirit imprints onto a physical object, usually something that was important to the dryad in life. This is often a favorite tree, a particular boulder, or even the remains of sacrifices made to honor the dryad.

As the spirit’s power increases, it corrupts the nature and beasts around it, often in surprising and unexpected ways. Vegetation may become sentient and hostile, beasts in the area become hostile, and life itself can mutate.

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