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Monster: Magolang

"Humanoid Moth" by Dean Spencer

The "Magolang" first appeared in Sandbox Adventures #7 Lair of the Goblin King which you can find HERE.

Magolangs - which in ancient elvish means mage sickness - used to be wizards. When working with magical energies far beyond the user's abilities, mages can sometimes become corrupted by those energies, turning them into magolangs. These abominations lose all essences of their former selves save one - an obsessive, self-destructive desire for magical power. Magolangs are drawn to anyplace rich in magical energy, knowledge, or artifacts. They are common to dungeons, abandoned wizard towers, and sometimes haunt the attics or bowels of magical academies. If a magolang senses a magical item, they've been known to stalk the owner for weeks, waiting for the ideal time to steal it.

Magolangs usually develop a preferred type of magical item or school of magic that they become especially fixated on. They usually have a carefully concealed lair - the hollowed trunk of a tree, a hidden mountain cave, or abandoned chamber of a ruined town - where their magical artifacts accumulate over time. Though they obsess over finding and collecting new magical artifacts, once acquired, they usually stash their new item in their lair and continue looking for the next piece for their collection. A magolang's territory can cover hundreds of miles.

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