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Magic Item: Sword of Runes

"Magic Sword - 4" by Bob Greyvenstein

Berenor hefted the Sword of Runes before him, challenging the vampire to make a move. With a sadistic laugh, the vampire launched forward, fangs bared. At that moment, Berenor extended the magic blade in front of him, and a blast of sunlight erupted from the blade's hilt, pummeling into the vampire and engulfing it in white-hot pain. Berenor watched as the vampire burst into flames and then into what looked like a cloud of gaseous mist, dispersing on the breeze.

Quick Aside

Want a free adventure you can play tonight with 30 minutes of prep? Have one on us!

Weapon (Longsword), Rare (Requires Attunement)

Forged in secret fires by Runic Blademasters, this longsword is made of a silver alloy with a golden hilt and is inscribed with powerful magical runes, each one containing a spell. Prized for its craftsmanship and for its durability and sharpness, the Sword is highly sought after especially by those who hunt Evil.

Silvered. Versatile. While attuned to this longsword, the wielder gets +2 to attack and damage rolls. This weapon holds three charges which can be used once per day. When you hit a fiend or an undead with it, that creature takes an extra 1d12 radiant damage.

Runic Charge. The runes inscribed on the fuller of this magic, silvered blade each contain a powerful spell. Each of the three charges produces one specific spell, and once the spell is cast it can't be cast again until a long rest or until after 24 hours have passed. The three spells are Protection from Evil, Searing Light, and Bless. The runes are bright gold when unused, and they fade when used until charged again. Each of the spells are cast at 3rd level strength and require no concentration or effort from the user and can even be used as a reaction if needed.

Hope this sword gives you an idea for your own magic item or maybe even that you'll want to use this one for your campaign or one-shot! We're trying something new this month, and each Friday in October, the magic items will lead up to a free NPC near Halloween who is connected to all of them. Next week will be magic item 2/3. -Joe

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