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MAGIC ITEM: Solstice's Judgement

"Warrhammer 3" by Bob Greyvenstein

Lady Seraphina watched the shambling horde of zombies move closer and closer to her. In her right hand, she held aloft the magic Warhammer, Solstice's Judgement. She prayed to her god, Lathander, and the Warhammer flared to life in a blue-white celestial glow which warmed her skin and sent waves of soothing calm throughout her body. There was no doubt the dead would try to reach her, but even if she weren't about to destroy them with the hammer, they would not be able to so much as touch her with their putrid, diseased flesh. Saying another little prayer, Lady Seraphina charged forward, swinging her magic weapon with all her might.

Quick Aside

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Wondrous item, Rare (requires attunement)

Solstice's Judgment is an awe-inspiring magic warhammer that seamlessly blends the elegance of celestial aesthetics with the rugged craftsmanship of a formidable weapon. Crafted from an otherworldly steel that appears to shimmer like a pool of liquid silver when caught in the light, the warhammer boasts a stunningly intricate design etched into its surface. The steel retains its density despite its ethereal appearance, giving the weapon a substantial weight that enhances its striking power.

Light as a Feather: Despite its formidable appearance, Solstice's Judgment is remarkably light to wield, thanks to the unique otherworldly steel from which it's forged. This allows its wielder to deliver powerful strikes with remarkable agility and precision. Whereas a normal warhammer weighs around 10 pounds, Solstice only weighs 3. This weapon should be considered a Warhammer +2 for purposes of battle.

Radiant Power: The warhammer constantly radiates a gentle celestial glow, illuminating darkness and dispelling malevolent influences. Its radiant aura extends to 10 feet around it, creating an area of sanctified ground that wards against undead and fiendish creatures. It grants disadvantage to attacks against the wielder by aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead.

Celestial Smite: Once per day, the warhammer can be called upon to channel its celestial energy into a devastating smite. Upon a successful hit, the target is engulfed in a radiant explosion, causing an additional 4d8 radiant damage and temporarily blinding opponents for 1d4 rounds who fail to resist the celestial magic with a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw.

Healer's Blessing: When the warhammer is held against a wound or injury, 5 times per day, it emits a warm, soothing light that accelerates natural healing processes. This can close minor wounds worth 1d6 hit points and alleviate pain.


Solstice's Judgment is said to have been forged in the heart of a distant and mysterious celestial forge, created by the joint efforts of skilled celestial artisans and powerful clerics devoted to the gods of light and purity. Legends whisper that it was fashioned as a gift for a mortal champion who aided the celestial realm in a time of great darkness, vanquishing malevolent entities that threatened the balance between worlds.

Throughout its history, Solstice's Judgment has been wielded by valiant warriors and devout clerics who sought to bring justice and healing to their realms. Its very existence seems intertwined with moments of celestial significance, appearing in times when darkness threatens to overshadow the light. The warhammer's presence has been known to inspire hope and courage in those who stand against overwhelming odds.

Anyway, that's Solstice's Judgement. Hopefully it can have a spot among the magic items in your own games or adventures. If you use the hammer in your games, don't be shy about letting us know how you used it and what the reception was like for it in the comments below! As always, thank you for reading! - Joe

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