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Magic Item: Helm of Hunting

"Crown - 4" by Bob Greyvenstein

King Nemore sat in his chambers with the huge, expansive, and beautiful kingdom he'd carved out for himself stretching out to the coast sprawling out below him from beneath his keep window. Yet Nemore was not concerned with his kingdom at the moment. His eyes were open but staring ahead at nothing as he used the magical Helm of Hunting to spy on his traitorous brother with the Helm's powerful magic. Through the magic of the helm, he watched and listened as his own brother gave intel to the enemy. A frown spread across Nemore's lips as he knew what must be done. His brother was a spy, after all, though he hadn't wanted to believe it. Nemore took the helmet from his head and placed it in a protective box near his bed, gazing at each jewel in admiration before the helm disappeared from view.

Quick Aside

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Nobody quite knows where the Helm of Hunting originated, but legend says that a powerful enchanter who was scorned by a woman created it in order to spy on her. After he died, it came into the possession of various rogues and even Kings across time who used it for equally nefarious reasons. The helm is made out of gold, lightweight even with the magic gems adorning it from which it derives magical power, and is lined with expensive furs for comfort and warmth.

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

This helm has 3 charges. While wearing it, you can use an action and expend 1 charge to cast the Scrying spell from it at 5th level, though with the Helm - the wearer need only think of the target. The wearer has to have seen the target in person once before, or at least have seen a painting or sketch of them and know their name. The helm regains all charges daily at dawn.

Hope this helm gives you an idea for your own magic item or maybe even that you'll want to use this one for your campaign or one-shot! We're trying something new this month, and each Friday in October, the magic items will lead up to a free NPC right before Halloween who is connected to all of them. Next week will be magic item 3/3 and the free spooky NPC. -Joe

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