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Kickstarter Announcement: ModMaps

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

3d printed terrain is a ton of fun to use and there are so many great designers and collections available now. However, if you plan to use exclusively 3d printed or store-bought minis, making sizeable encounters for the players will get EXPENSIVE. Fast. If you'd like to retire one day, check out our ModMaps Kickstarter, which launches on Tuesday September 27th.

Get a collection of beautiful, modular, and simple battle map posters that are perfect for using with tabletop miniatures and terrain. Their basic design is perfect for pairing with your collection of store-bought and 3d printed miniatures while their modular design ensures you'll get plenty of mileage out of them - and all without breaking the bank.

The core set, the Wilderness Pack, available during the campaign at a discounted price of $45, include 8 double-sided maps including open grassland, cobblestone roads, and rivers. The campaign will also include an Oceans & Lakes Pack, Biome Pack, and a Winter Wilderness Pack.

The maps are printed with a 1" square grid on 18" x 24" double-sided 100 lb poster maps. The maps are large enough that you can use a single map for a small encounter or put four together for a giant one. The maps are printed in the USA and the artwork is created using Inkarnate.

Be sure to follow the Kickstarter Here so that you can get notified when it launches!

New to Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a way for creators to get funding from supporters in order to bring their ideas to life. Kickstarter "campaigns" are opened for a limited time, usually 3-4 weeks, during which interested "backers" can pay to support the project in return for the product once it's created. Kickstarters often include additional incentives for backers including reduced prices, bonuses, and "stretch goals" which can be additional content when different funding levels are met.

ModMaps includes a significant overhead to print the poster maps and to get the supplies needed to package and ship them.

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