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Interesting NPC: Lyra Shadowstep

"Pickpocket 3" by Eric Pommer

Since the OGL debacle with Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast and because we just recently released a successful Kickstarter containing lots of System Neutral NPCs, for the foreseeable future we'll be releasing any free NPCs we create for our blog as System Neutral NPCs. We may still occasionally pepper in some 5E NPCs but really any of the NPCs we'll post will essentially be able to be popped into most games, especially if they're fantasy.

Quick Aside

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Appearance: Lyra is a slim and agile woman in her mid-twenties with deep brown eyes and dark hair that she often keeps tied back in a ponytail. She wears black leather armor that fits her like a second skin, and a long cloak that billows behind her as she moves. The most striking feature of her appearance are the two red paint markings over her eyes, which she wears as a symbol of her allegiance to a rogue guild that operates in the shadows of the city.

Equipment: Lyra carries a small, magical dagger that she keeps hidden on her person at all times. The blade is made of enchanted silver and glows with a faint magical aura. It's said that the dagger was stolen from a powerful wizard who sought to use it for dark purposes, but Lyra managed to liberate it from his grasp and has been using it to defend herself ever since.

Personality: Lyra is a seasoned rogue who has seen and done things that would make most people's stomachs turn. She's quick-witted and sly, and is always looking for a way to turn a situation to her advantage. While she can come across as aloof and standoffish, those who manage to earn her trust will find that she's fiercely loyal to her allies and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

Role in the game: Lyra can be used as an ally, enemy, or quest-giver depending on the needs of the campaign. She could be a member of a rival rogue guild, a thief who's been hired to steal a valuable artifact, or an informant who can provide the party with vital information about a dangerous criminal organization. Her expertise in stealth and thievery makes her a valuable asset to any group, but her loyalty can be fickle, and players should be careful not to cross her.

We hope you can find a suitable role for Lyra in your campaign or adventure, and if you do - then be sure to let us know how it went with her down below in the comments! - Joe

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