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How to Play a Tiefling Character

Tieflings are a unique and intriguing race in D&D 5e, with infernal blood running through their veins. They are often shunned and feared by other races, but they can use their natural abilities and charisma to their advantage. In this guide, we'll look at the different types of Tiefling blood lines, the best classes for them, the tactics to use in combat, and the best weapons for them. We've got you.

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Tiefling Bloodlines

Tieflings can come from a variety of backgrounds, depending on their infernal heritage. Here are the bloodlines that all Tieflings come from (which can be found on page 21 of Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes:

  1. Asmodeus: The most common bloodline for Tieflings, which can be found in the Player's Handbook. Known to be able to command the power of fire and darkness and guided by a keener than normal intellect.

  2. Baalzebul: Linked to the ruler of the crumbling realm of Maladomini, Tieflings with this bloodline can corrupt others both physically and psychically.

  3. Dispater: Tieflings tied to this bloodline make excellent spies and infiltrators.

  4. Fierna: Tieflings with this bloodline are granted forceful personalities, as she is a master manipulator.

  5. Glasya: Glasya is Hell's mastermind, so bloodlines connected to her benefit from magic that is useful for heists.

  6. Levistus: An archdevil known for offering bargains to those who are doomed, Levistus rules over Stygia.

  7. Mammon: Tieflings tied to Mammon, who is a miser and loves coin above all else, excel at gathering and safeguarding wealth.

  8. Mephistopheles: To those who entreat him, Mephistopheles offers arcane powers, and the same can be said for those of his bloodline.

  9. Zariel: Tieflings with a blood tie to Zariel are warlike and more durable than their other counterparts.

Best Classes for Tieflings

Tieflings can excel in a variety of classes, depending on their abilities and background. Here are some examples of classes that work well for Tieflings:

  1. Warlock: Warlocks have a close connection to fiendish powers, making them a natural fit for Tieflings. They can use their spells and abilities to control and manipulate enemies.

  2. Sorcerer: Sorcerers have innate magical abilities, and Tieflings' infernal heritage can give them an edge in controlling and manipulating magic.

  3. Rogue: Rogues are skilled in stealth and deception, making them a good fit for Tieflings with an Infernal or Abyssal heritage.

  4. Paladin: Paladins may seem like an unlikely choice for Tieflings, but their charisma and devotion can make them powerful warriors against fiends and other enemies.

Tactics for Tieflings

In combat, Tieflings can use their natural abilities and spells to their advantage. They can use their infernal heritage to intimidate or charm enemies, or they can use their agility and dexterity to evade attacks. They can also use their fiendish spells to control and damage enemies from a distance.

Best Weapons for Tieflings

Tieflings can use a variety of weapons depending on their class and tactics. Here are some examples of weapons that work well for Tieflings:

  1. Scimitar: The scimitar is a versatile and lightweight weapon that works well with Tieflings' agility and dexterity.

  2. Longbow: Tieflings can use their natural affinity for magic to enhance their ranged attacks, making the longbow a good choice for them.

  3. Whip: The whip is an unusual choice for a weapon, but it can be effective for Tieflings who want to intimidate or control enemies.

Suggested Names for Tieflings

Here are some suggestions for Tiefling names:

  1. Akmenos

  2. Barbatos

  3. Calaeno

  4. Desdemona

  5. Fierna

  6. Kaelis

  7. Malphas

  8. Sariel

  9. Valtariel

  10. Carrus

Tieflings can be a challenging and exciting race to play in D&D 5e. Their infernal heritage can give them a unique perspective on the world, and their natural abilities and charisma can make them effective in a variety of roles. By choosing the right subrace and class, Tieflings can excel as spellcasters, warriors, or sneaky rogues. And with their powerful fiendish spells and abilities, they can control and manipulate enemies to their advantage. So, if you're looking for a character with a devilish edge, consider a Tiefling in your next D&D game! Let us know in the comments about your own Tiefling characters! - Joe

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