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Carnage Con 2022

Well, if you've been wanting to see the people behind Headless Hydra Press in person, look no further because Carnage Con 2022 is happening this weekend in Dover, Vermont and we are going to be there with a bunch of cool stuff to sell. We love interacting with the people who enjoy our products, because we enjoy them too, and we love seeing GMs and Players finding ways to make game night enjoyable.

Quick Aside

Want a free adventure you can play tonight with 30 minutes of prep? Have one on us!


From their own website: "Carnage is Northern New England’s best tabletop gaming convention. Spend the weekend playing role playing games, collectible and living card games, board games, miniatures, war games, and LARPs. Carnage features a wide variety of scheduled gaming, open gaming, Indie Alley, tournaments, game vendors, and more!"

CARNAGE CON DATES: Shane Collins (CEO Headless Hydra Press) and Joseph Carro (Community Manager Headless Hydra Press) will be attending the convention from November 4-6 selling products and advertising products for TTRPGs.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Lots of different vendors and game tables. It's in Vermont so definitely come visit if you're also living in the Green Mountain State but it's also not too far from New York, or other places in New England. Conventions are a lot of fun, and we usually go to a couple different conventions per year. This is a convention dedicated to TTRPGS and other nerdy gaming endeavors so if you're a fan of those things you're missing out if you don't come.

NOTE ABOUT COVID: Mount Snow, the facility in which the convention is being held, is CASHLESS. It doesn't mean that individual vendors won't take cash, just that the facility won't. Also, Carnage doesn't have a general mask or proof of vaccination requirement but are allowing individual vendors to require masks if they feel the need to at certain gaming tables.

Anyway, we are really excited about the convention, and we'll be posting TikTok videos and YouTube Shorts and we might even go Live on TikTok so people can see the convention unfold for a little while as we're manning our vendor table. We hope to see you there!

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