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5e Monster: Werecrab

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

"Werecrab" artwork by Pawel Parol

The werecrab first appeared in Sandbox Adventure #9 Secret of the Sunspear.

Hilmark held his breath as he attempted to reach the surface of the frothing ocean water. Finally finding purchase, he hauled himself up on some rocks, and onto shore. His lungs heaved as he greedily took in oxygen. As Hilmark struggled to gain his bearings, crawling on all fours across the beach, he opened his burning eyes which were still covered in salt to the sight of many large crabs in the distance. Crabs that were actually far too large for comfort. He rose to his feet quickly, noticing the large chitinous scavengers were meandering toward him. Unsheathing his magical long sword, Talon, he thought about his options. That's when the salty brine smell of fish entered his nostrils, and he heard an excited clicking and clacking from behind him. Whipping around and holding his sword in an attack stance, his heart raced as he saw a humanoid crab lumbering toward him, snapping its claws in anticipation of the impending feast Hilmark would make for the Werecrab and his brood.

Quick Aside

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Werecrabs are cruel and merciless lycanthropes that rely solely on their instincts to survive. In humanoid form, werecrabs are often short and stocky and smell vaguely of fish. In their animal form, they attack viciously with their claws. Though aggressive, they avoid fair fights and will run away if defeat seems imminent. Werecrabs, though loners and not very social, tend to live in small communities with others like them, solely for survival than for any desire to socialize.

Thank you for checking out our Werecrab! Let us know what you think in the comments below, whether you plan on using it in your campaign or if you have something similar. - Shane

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