Mag Tile System

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  • Build maps on whiteboards, the fridge, or any metal surface!

  • Perfect for any Tabletop RPG, especially Hex Crawls and West Marches Campaigns

  • Beautifully rendered terrain art using Inkarnate

  • Delight players with maps built in real time as they explore

  • Make homebrew maps come alive

Hexplorer: Mag Tile System

Hexplorer Kickstarter

Launched on Kickstarter on Friday August 7th at 8am, Hexplorer Magnetic Map Tiles were fully funded in 2.5 hours. At the time of this writing, 10pm EDT on August 10th, they have reached more than 850% funding at $10,392 from 163 backers. We've reached 5 stretch goals in three days and we're just getting started!

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Hexplorer Map Tiles

Designed for tabletop RPGs that emphasize the "exploration" pillar, our map tiles are great for Hex Crawls, West Marches campaigns, and creating whiteboard maps to help bring homebrew campaigns to life. Additionally, our Kickstarter is gaining popularity with other gaming communities that use hex map tiles such as BattleTech and Fantasy Trip.



The tiles are 1.41" x 1.62" and fit snugly together on metal whiteboards, filing cabinets, and refrigerators. The artwork is created using Inkarnate software, available for commercial with their paid license. Thanks to our incredible supporters, our funding has allowed us to expand from wilderness-themed sets to include expansion packs of Roads, Lakes, and Settlements. We have plenty of ideas on new tile sets we can create and are working with our backers through a survey to have them direct what we release next. Our Kickstarter ends on September 7th at 8am. After the campaign ends, we'll be working with Backerkit to accept pre-orders. Pending COVID-related delays, the tiles should be delivered to backers by January. Hexplorer Map Tiles will continue to be sold on Headless Hydra Press's website as well as many independent gaming stores and Amazon.

See The Tiles!

tile 25
tile 23
tile 26
tile 20
tile 18
tile 19
tile 3
tile 2
tile 4
tile 1
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tile 5
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